What’s a Quirky Cube?


Hi, I'm Russ. I spent two decades sitting in drab, soulless cubicles writing corporate software. Seldom did I get the opportunity to see how my lines of code fit into the big picture. It just wasn't for me. I always felt as if I didn't quite fit within the depressing cubicle farms around me. I was a bit... quirky. I started QuirkyCube Software because I wanted to write software for others like me—those who strived to leave traditional corporate life behind and start something of their own. QuirkyCube is a small, entrepreneurial company creating custom software for other small, entrepreneurial companies.

I believe the power of technology lies in how it can achieve business results. A new piece of software is useless unless it accelerates those using it toward their strategic goals. This philosophy is why every project I take on starts with making sense of the underlying business and its strategy. Only with this understanding in place do I leverage technology to propel my clients toward their objectives. I consider myself a strategy nerd: In addition to over 20 years of software development experience, I have an MBA in strategic management and a keen interest in all things management and strategy.

Are you looking for more than just a programmer? Do you seek someone who understands and has a passion for small business? If so, I'd love to learn more about your project and your company.


happy clients say:

"Russ knows the tech and the human element of how to work with another person, treat the mission of the company as his own, and develop creative and efficient resolutions.”

"The end product Russ delivered has helped our business grow exponentially."

"Russ wasn’t a contractor; he was a partner. His quality of work was absolutely remarkable. My company would not be where it is without him."

"Russ was wonderful at making sure we didn't take on too many tasks at once. He has really strong communication skills and a great business background."

Is QuirkyCube right for you?


I've had first-hand experience working with subpar software development firms. Since I've been on the hiring side myself, I know what it takes to exceed my clients' expectations. My company, QuirkyCube Software, is a perfect choice if you:

  • have a business problem you suspect technology could solve but aren't sure where to start

  • strive to work with a partner who feels like an extension of your team

  • insist on both technical competence and business fluency

  • want results rather than the burden of managing every detail of a technology project

If this sounds like you, let's talk!